Quick Service


• How many times have you been to a large event or wedding and waited too long for a drink? Our team has worked at some of the busiest cocktail bars in the country. We value timely service and know from experience that a served guest is a happy one.


• Creating high quality cocktails shouldn’t equate to slow service. We love and are well versed in producing drinks at a rapid pace. No matter the size of your event, it will be adequately staffed so that each guest will receive the highest quality beverages without compromising personal and intimate service. Above all, we pride ourselves and truly believe in responsible service and being attentive to your guests’ safety.

Comprehensive Bar Management


• We ease the stress of behind-the-scenes bar management. Our combined 25 years of experience are invaluable for managing the unpredictability of events. We can accurately estimate how many drinks will be consumed, and how much glassware and ice to order. Your guests will be served the highest quality products, which we will source, pick up and deliver. The same is promised for glassware and all other equipment needed to run a successful event.  Need your event staffed as well? No problem, we have a huge network of bartenders across the country who can help make your event memorable.


Unique Craft Cocktails


• Bartending is truly an artform and the art of bartending is not simple. We are leaders of the craft cocktail movement in Eastern Canada and have extensive experience creating innovative recipes and menus of all types. We are nationally and internationally recognized, having won national competitions and competing internationally in heralded cocktail competitions such as Bacardi Legacy (Miami, Berlin 2017) and Diageo World Class Canada (Montreal 2013, Toronto 2017). Our team has a keen sense of culinary and mixology trends, which keeps your beverage offerings fresh and authentic. The Clever Barkeep has award-winning cocktail recipes reproduced in publications such as Difford’s Guide, Imbibe Magazine, A Field Guide to Canadian Cocktails and numerous local periodicals.


• With the spreading demand of craft and high-end cocktails, we design unique beverages that will impress your guests. Fresh ingredients and harmonized flavours will bring your cocktails to life. Every detail counts - from beautifully foraged garnishes to hand carved crystal clear ice, we have endless ideas for a spectacular occasion.

The Clever Barkeep was founded on a desire to entertain and provide outstanding hospitality. Our focus is on total guest experience, which starts by welcoming each person with a premium beverage and continues throughout with imaginative tastes and warm, engaging interactions.


The Clever Barkeep creates eloquent and luxurious beverage experiences, crafted specifically to meet the needs of your special event. We give your guests a memorable experience through our attention to every detail and our belief in individualized and professional hospitality. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate function, concert, or an occasion of any size, we will come equipped with beautiful aesthetics, professional and responsible bartenders, and the tools necessary to serve and impress a group of any size. Let us relieve any stress associated with planning your bar service, including quality ice, fresh and specialty ingredients, menus, glassware, liquor licensing, and transportation, so that you can enjoy every moment.